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Easter Back & Neck Massage picture

Full Body Scrub

Back & Neck Massage 30min

Welcoming Drink included

Easter Full Body massage with Hot stones picture

SPA Pedi

Fullbody massage with Hotstone

Head Massage

Welcoming Drink included

Easter Full Body massage with Facial & Pedie picture

SPA Facial & Pedi

Fullbody massage

Head Massage

Welcoming Drink included

Easter Back and Neck with Head massage picture

Back & Neck massage 20min plus Head Massage EXTRA

Welcoming Drink included

VOUCHERS Back & Neck Massage With Hotstones picture On Sale

This 45-minute massage focuses purely on the back and shoulder areas to relieve tension in these commonly overstressed muscles. Some key benefits of …

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LV Hand, Heel & Body CREAMS 250ml picture

Our luscious hand and body lotion is scented with a wonderful seasonal blend of&nbsp…

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MoonPhase Oil picture

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to cure everything from headaches to heartburn. As more individuals resort to alternative t…

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Liposculpt CLA picture

An essential fatty acid that is a ‘good fat’ and helps break down ‘bad fats’ like cholesterol. Scientific studies have shown it to be an effective su…

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Meal Replacement picture

LipoSculpt Slimming Weigh Protein Shake is an instant nutrient dense, high protein meal @ less then R28 per meal.

LipoSculpt Slimming Weigh Protein Sh…

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Effervesant picture

Weight loss is challenging! That is why we have created a weight loss support solution to effectively address these concerns. Work life, age, and dai…

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DETOX TABS picture

LipoSculpt Detox Caps

Unlock the way to weight loss!

Our bodies are continuously assaulted by toxins found in our air, food, and water supply. The body…

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Detox Balance picture

Remedetox balancember the skin is your biggest detox organ!

A bath/body wrap treatment is a great way to allow your skin to open and release toxins. S…

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