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BOVIVIFY for Natural COLLAGEN synthesis

BOVIVIFY for Natural COLLAGEN synthesis

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BioVivify can enhance the health of your skin, hair and nails with a combination of six replenishing ingredients: astaxanthin, L-proline, glycine, L-lysine, biotin (vitamin B7) and vitamin C.

How is BioVivify unique? • Provides 6 mg of vegan astaxanthin per serving; • Uses the most clinically studied brand of astaxanthin, AstaReal®; • Delivers a combination of amino acids important in collagen synthesis; • Combines vitamin C and astaxanthin to protect collagen fibroblast cells

 Key Benefits and Features

 • Reduces facial fine lines 

• Supports collagen synthesis

 • Protects collagen from oxidative damage 

• Supports skin hydration and smoothness 

• Enhances skin elasticity

 • Reduces hair breakage and split ends 

• Boosts keratin production 

• Improves rough cuticles

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